Say goodbye to clumping.

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Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Credit: Sephora

Until about a year ago, I didn't have a signature mascara. I would just try different brands and formulas each time I needed a new tube, because I wasn't particularly attached to any certain brand. That is, until I got my hands on a sample of Benefit Roller Lash. I was sold. And ran out to buy the full-size tube a few days later, and it's been a makeup bag staple ever since.

I have very short, lightly colored eyelashes that are almost invisible without a coat of mascara. The pink, curved brush used to apply Roller Lash ensures that each individual lash is coated, without any clumping, which helps my lashes appear longer than ever before. The short side of the brush is also perfect for my hard-to-reach bottom lashes. In just a few coats my lashes are longer, more visible, and curled towards the sky, no additional tools required.

For special occasions, I will follow Roller Lash with a volumizing mascara, but for my everyday makeup, Roller Lash gets the job done. I have never had any problems with the mascara flaking or smearing throughout the day, but it easily comes off at the end of the day with my makeup remover.

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In addition to the lash-curling formula, I also love the pink, rubber handle. Not only is it easy to spot in my makeup bag, but it's a cinch to grip while opening and applying mascara. I always keep an extra tube of this mascara handy in my bathroom drawer, because I can't take the chance of ever running out.

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