Cookie Highlighter from Benefit Cosmetics Will Give You the Ultimate Glow in Just One Swipe

Benefit Cookie Highlighter on Model
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I came across Cookie Highlighter in The Cheekleaders Cheek Palette from Benefit Cosmetics—and it was love at first swipe. No offense to the other four shades in the palette, but Cookie was a clear favorite. While I scraped the bottom of the pan with my brush to get every last bit of my favorite shade, the other colors remained almost untouched.

It seems I'm not the only one who shared an instant connection with the wonder product. Fans loved it so much that Benefit decided to release the beloved highlighter as a single color. With a quick scroll through the reviews, it looks like they made the right choice in letting Cooking fly solo as many beauty-lovers are over the moon that they can purchase it a la carte, with an impressive 97% of reviewers on responding that they would recommend the highlighter to others.

Since I've been using this highlighter, I've perfected application. After using Tarte Shape Tape Concealer under my eyes to remove any trace of dark circles, I finish my makeup with a swipe of Benefit's Cookie highlighter on the top of each cheekbone just under my eyes. In just a few minutes I have the soft gold, glowing perfection of someone far more rested that I. The powder formula goes on so smoothly that it almost tricks you into thinking it's a cream—only easier to apply. Plus the included brush and built-in mirror mean I don't need to carry around any extra tools to get the job done. Major bonus points.

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The highlighter also works great just under the brow bones and down the nose, if you're upping your look for evening or special occasions. If you are not already using one, adding a highlighter to your daily makeup routine is a simple addition that delivers maximum glow with minimal effort—my favorite kind of product.

Benefit Cookie Highlighter

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