Tried and truly in love with these beauty products.
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I'd never heard of a "free table" until coming to work at a magazine. We are constantly sent beauty products by various companies hoping to get their latest and greatest into the magazine. Unfortunately, we don't have the space to include everything we receive so we have staff giveaways from time to time and, of course, we all load up on these random beauty products. However, there are a few that have become some of my favorites and I have actually gone on to purchase them. So from an unbiased, every day, middle-aged woman point of view, I thought I'd share some of the brands I've come to trust and that I am currently using.

For Skin:

Beauty Infusion Probiotics for Clarifying, $49;
The company says that it "concentrates the power of friendly bacteria to help increase skin clarity, normalize pH balance, and combat the appearance of inflammation, dry patches, rosacea, breakouts, and large pores." Well, that's awesome but all I know is that I add a few drops to my foundation every morning (this stuff is like a primer—ok, no spackle jokes here) and the foundation glides on and stays on all day. I've had several people ask about my make-up and the only thing I've done differently is adding Skin Authority to my regular foundation. I honestly think my skin looks better (could be in my mind, but I really do think so!).

For Lashes:

Audacious Mascara—7007 Black Moon, $18.75;
Love, love, love the brush! It has a flexible, rubbery feel to it with alternating bristle lengths. The brush is long with little bristles on the tip for extending the bottom lashes. It truly lengthens and fattens your lashes while separating them at the same time. Mascara is my favorite thing in my make-up bag and I've bought countless tubes for almost 45 years from high end to drugstore brands to know what I like. But this one is definitely my new favorite. My under eyes are smudge free at the end of the day, too, which I'm sure my co-workers are happy to see!

For Lips:

Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit, $20;
This color is the perfect complement to anything I'm wearing—especially in the daytime. Sometimes I'll run a quick swipe of pink lip-gloss on top for a silkier look.

When it comes to fragrance, I'm very picky. I do not like the Estee Lauder-type heavy perfume my mother used to wear. When I married 35 years ago, I learned my husband wasn't crazy about loud perfumes, either, that give those around you a splitting headache. I really like clean, fresh, light fragrances that won't alert my co-workers I'm heading their way minutes before I arrive. With all that said, here is a recent fragrance I've picked up from the "free table" and love.

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For Fresh Scent:

Warm Cotton Breeze Body Splash, $59;
Ok, this will sound corny but to me it smells like summertime in a bottle. Like the freshly washed and clothesline-dried cotton sheets I used to run through in my grandparent's backyard. A few sprays of this breezy scent send me out the door feeling all "Pharrell Williams HAPPY" and thinking back to those simpler times.