It's like LaCroix for your skin.

By Southern Living Editors
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Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water Spray

While spray cans of spring water are about as common as croissants in Europe, here in the United States, their entrance into the mainstream has been slow. Sure, we've raved about face mists before, but, still, convincing yourself to purchase spritzable water is a toughie. Who are you? The Duchess of Cambridge?

The can in question is the iconic Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water, a staple of French girls, make-up artists, and models. We're here not only to convince you of what may seem like a luxury might be just as practical a necessity as Chapstick, but that this universally giftable item is also worth purchasing for all your friends this holiday season.

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First, the spring water inside is not just any old H-2-O. Unlike the bottled kind you might like to buy for dinner parties, this water is low in minerals but rich in naturally occurring silicates and Aqua Dolomiae microflora, which soften skin, help protect the epidermal barrier, and calm any redness or irritation all while hydrating.

But the real selling point is the infinite ways in which this magical water can be applied. Here's a smattering of uses:

  1. Spray on face, dab face with beautyblender sponge, and this morning's make-up is happy hour-ready.
  2. Spray on legs before applying lotion when you can't take a shower. The slight dampness will help the moisture really sink in.
  3. Spray on a Q-tip, sponge, tissue, or cotton pad when a sink isn't handy.
  4. Spray on face before applying serum or moisturizer like a toner.
  5. Spray on face after applying make-up as a setting mist to make concealer or foundation look more natural.
  6. Spray on hands to remove stickiness from that granola bar you snarfed on your way to work.
  7. Spray on your whole body to cool down after a run or Zumba.
  8. Spray on your face after a sweaty walk from the hotel to the restaurant on vacation.
  9. Spray on your neck and chest and stand in front of the refrigerator for instant relief from overheating or a hot flash.
  10. Spray on your dress or jeans to prevent a stain when you've spilled a little something.

Sold? Luckily, this miraculous water is available in three different amounts, including a stocking-stuffer-sized can for only $9. You're welcome in advance.