Desperate times call for impulse purchases. 
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Waxing Legs
Credit: Amazon

Women are strong, and I don’t know this because of those stories about mothers lifting cars in a moment of panic. I know this because there are women out there able to give themselves a wax at home, and those women deserve the last biscuit in the basket and much, much more. Really, I aspire to be one of these women and teeter ever the inch closer with my electric brow trimmer and at-home haircutting adventures. The goal? To eventually be able to click “place order” on a top-selling at-home wax kit that keeps popping up on my suggested purchases. Those smart bots.

Amongst many other contenders, Amazon’s Belle Verde Home Wax Warmer Kit stands out as something that looks very similar to what my former waxist used and also hits at a price point that wouldn’t make me ashamed if I tried it once and decided I wasn’t one of those strong women. It promises to be super easy, harmless, and healthy—all things deemed important when it comes to waxing one’s hair at home, whether it be hardy legs, brow, or tender upper lip. (Hey, no judgement.) 

Wax Warmer Kit
Credit: Amazon

The kit comes equipped with an adjustable wax warmer (which looks like a slow cooker of sorts) that ensures wax stays the proper consistency, five packs of natural wax, wooden spatulas, and pre- and post-wax sprays. Start by watching plenty of tutorials online, before beginning the descend into smearing and ripping. Then melt the wax, let it harden, and don’t rush. Smooth skin is on the horizon. 

One shopper (of over 3,000 reviews) notes: “I’ve always gone to a professional to get waxed and would spend over $100 per month...I’ve never waxed myself before and I’m definitely not a professional. It was completely easy!” 

Waxing at home, in fact, doesn’t seem quite so scary now that I’ve watched a thousand tutorials and am poised to purchase something that shoppers promise won’t leave me scarred, emotionally and otherwise. If we’re in this camp together, shop the top-selling home wax kit and be one of the strong women. (TO BUY: 44.99;

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