Need a nail assistant? We've got you covered.

Nail Buddy
For less than your lunch costs, you can get all 10 of these awesome beauty tools.
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After the release of my favorite-ever nail polish, Essie Gel Setter Topcoat, I've stopped spending time and money getting gel manicures. This product has made it possible for even the clumsiest of amateur manicurists, like myself, to get a professional look at home—no nail lamps required. I just brush on two coats of one of my favorite colors, like Polish & Co.'s Bless Your Heart (check out all of our favorite cheekily-named Southern polishes to find your favorite), then top with Gel Setter to get a totally smooth, nick-free, ultra-glossy look. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I had just spent a pretty penny on a manicure. Oh, and the best part is that everyone else actually thinks I did.

So what's there to complain about? I only have two hands. And those two aren't always enough—especially when there is nowhere to set down my nail polish bottle. Like, say, during a time-saving manicure session while in the passenger's seat on a commute to dinner. Picture this: Painting both my index finger and thumb nails which are twisted sideways while pinching my polish bottle. Quite the challenge. It's essential that I keep my lacquer bottle in an upright position to avoid also painting my light interior leather, and coating those two fingers at a side angle often falls short of what I'd consider successful. However, I've recently found a solution, and believe it or not, it only costs one buck.

The AOA Nail Buddy at, looks like a ring pop and works like an extra set of hands. Simply slip the expandable rubber rings onto two fingers for a nail polish bottle holder that sits on top of your hand and lets you place all your fingers flat (including your index finger and thumb) with no risk of pouring our your polish. It's so simple and inexpensive, we're only wishing we had one of these years ago!