Applying Too Much Mascara Is the Sneaky Mistake That's Aging You

Put down the wand.

We’ve chatted about the drawbacks of applying too much eyeliner—and don’t even get us started on lower-lash liner. In the words of my toddler, “It’s a big no-no.” The reason being it can cause the eye to look smaller than it is, not to mention the smudge-effect that creates faux dark circles right smack-dab where lighter and brighter is always preferred (if not required). But if you thought you were safe with your lower lash mascara habit, think again. Turns out it can have the same effect as lower lash liner—booking you a one-way ticket to smudge town and all the instant-aging effects that come along with it.

So what’s a lash-loving gal to do? While I’m aware that some women can most assuredly get away with not applying mascara to their bottom lashes, I am not one of them. I look unfinished and tired when I don’t give them a coat. But I also can’t abide to anything that makes me look less than fresh as a daisy. That’s where a good tubing mascara comes in. I found a winner in Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara.

Woman Applying Mascara
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Be warned, a tubing mascara takes some getting used to when it comes to removal. It’s much easier to take off than your standard waterproof variety, but the stringy little tubes that shed off of your lashes might take you by surprise if you’re not expecting it. The trick is to hold a warm, wet cotton pad to the lashes for a few seconds before gently (and I mean gently for the sake of your skin and lashes) wiping downward. Bouncy little strings should start peeling away immediately.

It’s not unusual to have smears under eyes after initially removing mascara, which requires a follow-up swipe of micellar water or a similar makeup-removing fix. That won’t be the case with a tubing mascara—it also means that your under eyes are completely safe from the dreaded dark circles (read: instant aging) that can come with applying mascara to your lower lashes. For the exuberant applicators among us, this is certain cause for celebration. Just be sure to not go to heavy. Even with a no-transfer mascara, a heavy hand can result in adding shadows where they're better left without.

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