It's not where you'd expect!

By Maddy Zollo
Woman Applying Foundation
Credit: MIXA/Getty Images

Even with a magnifying makeup mirror, it's easy to make a foundation blunder. I do it all the time (and I typically don't notice that I've missed a spot until hours later). My "problem area" is usually around the jawline and neck — after all, foundation is meant for your face, so it's common to forget about the surrounding areas. According to Gabriel De Santino, makeup artist and founder of Gabriel Cosmetics, I'm not alone when it comes to neglecting my décolletage. However, that's not the only place that tends to be missed. De Santino says the ears are equally — maybe even more frequently — forgotten about.

"If you're going through the effort to have flawless skin, it's important that all areas surrounding the face are also flawless for a seamless look," he explains. "When foundation is applied to just the face you run the risk of looking like you have a mask on or your red ears will pop in pictures."

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Foundation on your ears?! Yes, you heard that correct y'all. If you forget about them, especially if you're wearing your hair back in an updo or braid, it can give away that you're wearing a full-face. But don't worry, there's no need to stress too much about adding another step to your beauty routine: "While I do not think full coverage is necessary, I recommend using excess product on your BeautyBlender to go over your ears, neck, and décolletage." De Santino recommends. So, remember: Before you head out double check that your ears look just as flawless as the rest of your pretty face. Don't say I didn't warn you!