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For someone who has sensitive skin, the one product I never thought twice about using was my Chapstick. I would always carry around a tube with me to help soothe my dry, flaky lips throughout the year. Unfortunately I turned into a clown one December and had to give it up. Yes, a clown.

During final exam week of my junior year of college, I started to notice a red rash around my mouth. It started small and expanded out until I had a nice red circle surrounding my mouth. I looked like a clown. I finally made it to the dermatologist about a week later (had to finish all those exams!) and she asked me if I had made any changes to my daily routine: toothpaste, face wash, or lotion. No, no, and no. She then asked if I used anything on my lips. Well, yes. The Chapstick that I have been using for years. She said that sometimes companies switch up their formulas slightly and I could have reacted to the change. She also said I could have developed a natural reaction to it. My money is only the second option. Next up: what was I going to do about my chapped lips from here on out? 


I didn’t want to risk having another reaction, so I asked my doctor what she usually recommended. She suggested I try Vaseline Lip Therapy. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin because it only has one ingredient: White Petrolatum (aka Petroleum Jelly). Could something so simple actually solve my dry lip problems? Yes! The application is easy and it instantly soothes my chapped lips and maintains moisture throughout the day.

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Five years in and I’m still using Vaseline Lip Therapy daily. It costs $2, which means I don't have to feel bad about having a tube in almost every place I can think of: car, purse, desk, nightstand, coat pocket. I could go on and on. Can anyone ever admit to  actually using a whole tube of lip balm?