For less than your lunch costs, you can get all 10 of these awesome beauty tools.

Beauty Blender

Makeup brushes, cleansing pads, and manicure tools can cost a fortune and leave you with so little room in your beauty budget that you can't afford the cosmetics to use with them. However, if you're a savvy shopper, that doesn't have to be the case. We've stumbled upon our new favorite beauty supply site, Miss A, which has not only every tool you might need for everything from cleansing to cosmetic application to nail maintenance, it also has all the affordable makeup you need to stock your beauty arsenal. And the best part? Everything—and we mean everything—is only $1. Don't even know where to start now that you've won the beauty lottery? Here are our ten favorite tools to get your bargain hunt going.

  1. Nail Polish Holder—If you've ever struggled to hold your polish bottle while simultaneously keeping your hand steady enough in the perfect position to swipe on a smooth even coat of lacquer, you'll be glad to meet this handy little gadget. It sits on your hand like a ring pop, but creates a no-slip cradle to clutch your favorite nail color while you paint. Genius!AOA Nail Bud- Baby Blue, $1;
  2. Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pad—This flexible oval shaped pad can take off dead skin while you do your daily wash but doesn't require an upheaval in your current cleansing routine. Sud up as usual, then use this little tool to massage cleanser into skin in a circular motion one to three times a week for best results. AOA Scrubby Facial Cleansing Pad, $1;
  3. Blending Makeup Sponge—Even at the drugstore, these contoured blending sponges can cost as much as $20. Over time, they build up bacteria that causes breakouts, and need to be replaced at least every three months—a fact that's hard on your bank account. At only a buch each, Miss A's version let's you replace regularly and avoid yucky sponge-induced acne. Heck, why not use a new one every month—it'll only put you back $12 a year. We'll take that deal. AOA Wonder Blender- Purple Beveled, $1;
  4. Brush Cleaner—Getting your brushes clean is essential for keeping clear skin. Simply drop a dab of shampoo onto the brush you're cleaning, slip this silicone ribbed egg onto your fingers and swoosh back and forth under warm running water. You'll have a squeaky clean tool in no time. AOA Brush Cleaning Egg - Baby Blue, $1;
  5. Filing Block—With a different grit on all four sides, you can file down rigid edges and do fine-tuning all with one tool. Get ready for the perfect manicure; you don't even need an appointment. 4 Sided Nail Buffer file Block, $1;
  6. Eyebrow Groomer—This two piece set includes a brow brush (that can double as a lash comb) and a mini razor for getting rid of strays. This hardworking set also gets rid of any unwanted peach fuzz elsewhere on your face, and fits in your purse easily so you can always be perfectly groomed even on the go. AOA 2 Piece Eyebrow Razor Set, $1;
  7. Lash Applicator—If you fumble with your false lashes and they end up somewhere out of place, try this tool. Rubber coated grips hold onto the lash strip so you can place precisely at your lash line. AOA Eyelash Applicator, $1;
  8. Eyelash Curler—Give your mascara a hand, and turn those lashes up before you ever put on the first coat. This eyelash curler will help lift and fan out every last lash so can get the doe-eyed look you're after. AOA Eyelash Curler, $1;
  9. Foundation Brush—A flat head brush is the perfect tool for quick all-over foundation application. These can run as high as $75 in department stores, but you can get this one for just 99 cents and a penny. The price is almost as unbelievable as the flawless finish. Kleancolor Foundation Brush, $1;
  10. Mascara Applicators—These convenient—and disposable—little brushes can serve an array of purposes. Keep one in your bag for quick eyebrow touch ups, or to separate lashes. Make applying eyebrow or eyelash serum a little easier or change up the brush style on a favorite mascara formula. 10 Disposable Mascara Wands Set, $1;