You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Why Southern Women Love The Barrington St. Anne Tote
Credit: Rachel and Noah Ray

Not to speak too plainly, but Southern women often come with a lot of—ahem—baggage. At the fault of our natural maternal instincts, we're wired from birth to be the one who came prepared with all the cosmetic items, first aid kits, and touch-up lipsticks one could ever need—conveniently (or perhaps, not-so-conveniently) located at the bottom of our trusted handbag. A Southern woman's handbag is something of a mystery akin to that of Mary Poppins—however, there are certain size-obstructing needs that even your staple kate spade 'Sam' bag can't fulfill. That, friends, is when it's time to invest in a quality everyday tote bag.

After ordering my first St. Anne Tote from Barrington Gifts, it didn't take long to order another…and then another. Not only is it too much fun to play around with all of the style, color and monogram options Barrington has to offer (because who doesn't love a good monogram generator?), but receiving the shiny, new final product will literally make your day when packaged in a pretty dust bag that says, "We know you invested in this, and we're just as excited about it as you are," (or so we imagine). Although sitting at a price point that might be more suited for a birthday or holiday, we can speak from experience that this bag is an investment well worth making.

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My coworkers will recognize this tote as the one I carry to and from work every day, playing host to my laptop, my lunchbox, and my day planner—while conversely, my friends and family will recognize it as the one that takes me on weekend lake trips, overnight stays at my parents home and acts as my carry-on item on far-flung getaways. No matter which excursions it's accompanied me on, this reliable tote has proven itself to be just as durable as it is a statement style piece. With its tough-as-nails fabric makeup, this bag will stand by your side through rain, sleet, and snow –or comparably, many family beach vacations to come.

Although the structural integrity of this tote checks all the boxes for our editorial conscience, we just have one last selling point: Just look at how pretty it is.