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This Cult Cleanser Sells Every Three Seconds
Credit: @sokoglam

When it comes down to it, cleanser is the real workhorse of your skincare routine. It's always the first step, no matter if you're a 3-step or 11-step type of woman. We rely on cleansers to remove makeup, unclog pores, remove excess sebum, and keep our skin barrier healthy and intact. And some are undeniably better at multi-tasking than others. Say what you want about game-changing serums and moisturizers, they'd never grace this face until my cleanser has been there to clean up the mess I made and to provide a blank canvas for specialized products.

My secret weapon? The Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm. Apparently, though, it's not so secret anymore. According to the brand, a tub of this holy balm sells every three seconds.

It's hard to know just how many jars of this popular cleanser sold as you were reading until this point—maybe 10, 15?—but it's safe to say, these things are selling like hotcakes, at about the same rate as every breath you take. This cleanser stands tall above the rest because of its ability to literally melt the makeup from your face (including waterproof mascara), remove impurities and excess sebum, and leave skin feeling smooth and soft. (Buy it here.)

While I can't remember when this cult favorite cleanser first entered my radar, I know it was hanging around for a while until I finally pulled the trigger and ordered myself a jar. Like a pesky ex-boyfriend, it kept popping up every so often to remind me it was there. But in this case, it was totally worth the callback.

After every use of this cleansing balm, your face is left feeling satisfyingly clean, but not squeaky clean. (Too much squeaky means you're about to get stripped.) The sherbet-like consistency melts into your hands, giving the oil-based cleanser the warmth it needs to get started. For those who shy awat at the mention of "oil-based," don't get spooked so soon. You know how they say, fight fire with fire? Fight oil with oil. Oil cleansers are formulated to cleanse the skin by drawing out oil-based impurities such as makeup,SPF, and other pollutants. It whisks them away without also stripping your skin of its natural oils.

This cleansing balm works super well as the first step in a double cleansing routine, followed with a creamier cleanser; but it stands just as strong alone, making it perfect for skincare rookies and skincare junkies alike.

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Choose between its four, recently revamped formulas—Classic, Nourishing, Purifying, and Revitalizing—to find which works best for your skin type. It's worth mentioning that every one of the formulas is developed without any finicky ingredients that might upset sensitive skin.

If I could line up every cleanser I've ever used—and trust me, there would be many—this cleansing balm would come out on top. So count with me: one, two, three… place order!