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By Betsy Cribb
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Credit: Athleta

Getting back into the swing of an exercise routine is no small feat for anyone, but throw breast cancer recovery into the mix and you introduce a new set of challenges.

Athleta set out to make that just a little bit easier with its Empower Bra, designed for women who are embracing active lifestyles post-mastectomy.

The bra was designed with help from breast cancer survivors, and it has a front zip for easy on/off and large pockets to hold prosthetics in place. There are nine ways to adjust the straps to ensure a comfortable fit, and soft seams to avoid irritation and chafing. And as with any good sports bra, the compression fabric is made to wick off moisture and breathe during workouts. Plus, the racerback style is always flattering. Score!

For women who want the same comfort of the Empower Bra but don't necessarily need the same level of support, Athleta is introducing another mastectomy-capable bra to the lineup on September 25: The Empower Daily Bra has many of the same advantages of the original Empower Bra (think pockets to hold prosthetics in place) but is designed for low-impact activities and everyday wear. And its front zipper is designed to disappear under shirts; no unseemly lines allowed.

In addition to the bras, Athleta also sells soft, quick-drying, and machine-washable pads that can be worn with the Empower Bra and a selection of other Athleta bras instead of bulky prosthetics for a more comfortable workout. The pads are always sold at cost ($10!) and in a set of two, either both lefts or both rights, to better accommodate women who have undergone single mastectomies.

One final PSA: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you're in the market for a new sports bra and want to support women with breast cancer, hold off on buying one until October 2 through October 15, when Athleta is teaming up with the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center: For any Athleta bra purchased in store or online, the company will donate an Empower bra (up to 2,500) to a post-mastectomy patient. Win, win.

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