A good pair of jeans is hard to find, but we've found them.

By Betsy Cribb
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Full Frame Blue Denim Jeans
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I hate shopping for jeans.

For starters, denim, especially new, never-been-washed denim, is not the most forgiving material. Jeans take notice of the free chocolate-covered pretzels you've been housing every afternoon at work.

Worse than that, though, I struggle with Goldilocks syndrome when it comes to finding the right inseam. I'm 5'10", and I've often found that "regular fit" jeans are way too short (hello, clam diggers), while "tall" jeans are inexplicably long and bunch awkwardly around my ankles.

Last week, I realized that I had only one pair of work-appropriate blue jeans, and while I love my ABBA-worthy bellbottoms, they're not exactly unassuming. You can wear regular jeans two or three times in a week, and nobody will notice you outfit-repeated at work. But wearing a pair of flares is like sounding a siren.

With fall just around the corner (how?!), I wanted to find a pair of jeans I could wear over and over again, without making a Super Trouper-sized statement.

So I popped into LOFT on my lunch break (knowing I'd only have 30 minutes to try things on seemed to ease the pain that is shopping for jeans), and lo and behold! I discovered my new favorite jeans in just ten minutes.

I first picked up the Modern Slim Pocket Jeans because I liked the dark wash. My days of having separate wardrobes for work and play are over, so it's important to me that the pieces I buy can be worn any time, anywhere. Dark denim feels more formal to me (and therefore more work apropos), but it plays just as well with sneaks and slouchy tees on weekends.

LOFT Skinny Jeans
Credit: LOFT

Of course, the wash is a very superficial thing. The color of your jeans doesn't count for much if you don't like the way they fit.

I pulled them on, preparing to do the tiptoe dance that often comes with a new pair of jeans—but there was no dressing room ballet. The soft (!) cotton-poly-elastane blend gave a little in all the places I needed it to, without stretching out in the wrong spots.

Better still, the 29" inseam hit at just the right length. While the jeans are likely still shorter on me than on most people, the crop looks intentional, rather than like I've outgrown my pants. These give me the optimal amount of space between the hem and my ankle, so they're a great length to go with my comfy platform espadrilles or my tried-and-true ankle booties.

Best of all, though, I just felt good in them. And when was the last time I felt like that in a pair of jeans?!

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