Cream eyeshadow sticks
Credit: Courtesy of Alleyoop

This Best-Selling Eyeshadow Stick Is Basically the Opposite of That Giant Palette You Never Use

There are five long-lasting colors to choose from.
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An eyeshadow palette filled with varied shades of dusty powder might be a staple in your makeup bag. But if you really think about it, when was the last time you used more than one of two of your favorite hues from your compact? The idea that many people own large eyeshadow palettes but only use a few colors is what drove beauty brand Alleyoop to create a minimalist eyeshadow stick, and the simple product has quickly become the brand's best-selling item.

The 11th Hour cream eyeshadow stick comes in five popular shades, making it easy to find one or two that fit your style and makeup routine best. You can choose from pale Baby Pearl, shimmery pink Gotta Guava, warm brown Coffee Break, sparkling silver Charcolit, and glittery gold Bronze Metal.

Along with the pared-down color offerings, the sticks are designed for seamless application. You can run the cream tip right on your eyelid, no brush necessary. To blend, simply use your finger to create the look you're going for. The stick also comes with a built-in sharpener, so you can sharpen the tip to use the tool as a colorful eyeliner. No matter which way you use it, the eyeshadow can create a subtle or bold beauty look in seconds.

Cream eyeshadow sticks
Credit: Courtesy of Alleyoop

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The formula dries into a soft matte texture that the brand says is smudge- and crease-proof for about 11 hours — that's where it gets its name. Even though the color lasts all day or night, your eyelids will remain soft thanks to natural oils, including jojoba oil, found in the product's vegan formula. Plus, the slender stick is small enough to stow away in your makeup bag and take with you on the go.

The best-seller has nearly 250 customer reviews, most of which include a five-star rating. Not to mention, 98 percent of those reviewers would recommend this product to someone else. They say the eyeshadow glides on smoothly and really doesn't flake or crease.

"I really love this product! I only have to use a little; it stays in place, and it lasts all day," one recent customer wrote. Others say it "blends nicely" and is "very creamy."

If you're ready to toss your old eyeshadow palette that hasn't gotten much use lately, one (or two) of these minimalist eyeshadow sticks is a great replacement. They're great for everyday wear or a more daring look.