Atlanta Photographer Alice Park Is Doing What She Loves for a Living

Meet the mom capturing the simple joys of childhood in classic Southern style.

Alice Park from Atlanta, GA in Her Photography Studio
Blazer by Abbey Glass. Photo: Robbie Caponetto

When I was 12, I received my first camera, and I fell in love," says Alice Park. "That got me through adolescence and high school and gave me a different lens to see life." Growing up in the small, quiet city of Valdosta, Georgia, Alice had her eye on Atlanta, about 230 miles to the northwest. "I was that daughter in my family who knew she was not going to live in a small town the rest of her life," she says. "I craved diversity. I wanted to search for my identity and explore that within a community that understood me." When she moved to Atlanta for college, Alice found the big city life she'd desired as a girl. She also found (after four years of college and a year of working) that industrial engineering was not her calling. Encouraged by her now husband, Alice decided to quit her job. She then threw everything she had into her fledgling photography business. Fourteen years later, she's a seasoned children's photographer. And now that she's a mother of two herself, the gig is even sweeter. "One of my favorite things about this job is being able to connect with the moms I meet on shoots," she says. "We can discuss things like life, motherhood, and raising these amazing children in Atlanta with everything that it has to offer." Here, Alice (@alicepark) talks about her favorite local designers, the outfit staple she can't live without, and the secret to an all-smiles family photo. Yes, it's possible!

Why We Love Our Neighborhood

"My husband and I have a very unconventional lifestyle in that we work for ourselves, are in the creative community, and are small-business owners together. So raising our family in an area that allows us to do that well is really important to us. Living in Morningside gives us the opportunity to be outdoors, to walk to restaurants and shops, and to let our children play outside in the yard and go down the street to their friends' houses."

Alice Park from Atlanta, GA in Her Photography Studio
Dress by Ann Mashburn. Robbie Caponetto

Two Local Designers I Admire

"Ann Mashburn is my favorite. I have pieces of hers that have lasted through several seasons, and I still wear them every opportunity I get. She's also one of the loveliest women you'll ever meet. I love Abbey Glass too. My studio space was once a few doors down from her boutique, so I got to know her as a young designer and really see her style and career take off over the years. She's a dear friend, and I love her pieces because I feel like they exude luxury and femininity."

The Timeless Piece I'll Never Tire Of

"Collared shirts are a big part of my wardrobe—just a classic version with the sleeves rolled up. Since high school, that's been my look: a collared shirt with a crewneck sweater over it. It fits me and my style, and it's what I feel comfortable and good in."

A Versatile Essential Everyone Needs

"I love skirts, especially maxi- and midi-length ones. Those are pieces I can move up and down really quickly in and can also wear into the studio for a meeting with clients. They give a little bit of femininity to my look. I can wear casual sneakers with them (or sandals in the summer), or I can easily dress them up with a pair of heels as we go into the evening."

My Skin-Care Secrets

"I started really paying attention to my beauty routine when I turned 30. I'm blessed with Asian skin (my mother has always looked very youthful!), but there are a few things we have to think about. We are very fair, so finding something that protects me from the sun was very important, and we are also more prone to developing age spots. Beautycounter's Counter+ All Bright C Serum and moisturizer are the two most important things I apply in the morning to protect my skin. I use a tinted moisturizer/foundation with good SPF. In the evening, I use makeup remover and then tone and cleanse really well. I also apply a serum from the beauty line Shiseido, which is fantastic for Asian skin."

How To Score an A+ Holiday Photo

"If you're trying to take a picture of your family, do it first thing in the morning. Children—and all family members for that matter—are just more cooperative and excited then, rather than later in the afternoon when the day has worn on everyone."

The Atlanta A-list

Where Alice likes to eat, shop, and play
1. Atlanta Chinatown
2. Piedmont Park
3. Marcel
4. Dekalb Farmers Market
5. Thaicoon & Sushi Bar
6. Chamblee's Antique Row
7. Starlight Drive-In Theatre

A Personal Mantra

"Life's too short to not do what you love every day. Live life fully."
—Alice Park

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