Skip the athleisure, you don't have to trade comfort for polish at the airport


Some women look put together no matter where they are, even if that place is in the terminal. While it may feel like a pipe dream to look good while you're traveling, there is, in fact, a trick to it. Here's what those impossibly polished women know to do when flying that you don't, (yet).

  1. Choose fabrics strategically.Not all fabrics are created equally. Some are prone to wrinkles, and some attract soil. The best fabrics for staying comfortable while looking put together are often times thick tight-woven knits—riding pants and medium weight sweaters. You'll be doing a lot of both moving and a lot of sitting in one stationary position which both lead to wrinkled clothes. Knits like these mentioned above, not only bend with your body, but also snap back into place unlike starched wovens such as poplin shirts that ripple with lines after just a short period of wear keeping you looking fresh and crisp. Choosing those knits in dark colors and prints also helps to hide any stray makeup or drops of coffee that might have landed on your clothes during travel.
  2. Build your outfit around comfortable shoes. When it comes to travel, your shoes might be the most important thing you choose. If you want to look polished, you'll want to stay away from casual staples like sneakers and flip flops, but of course, if you want to be comfortable, your pumps might not be the best choice. Have a pair of low-heeled booties that are stylish but very walkable? Start with those, and pick and a comfy outfit that goes with them—not the other way around.
  3. Employ your go-to updo. The great thing about pulling your hair back is that, for the most part, it stays in place hours on end—unlike a down-styled ‘do that will morph a little even minutes after you've styled it. The trick to looking good while traveling is minimizing the threat of variables that can change your look in an instant—such as wind gusts which could blow your hair into disarray in the taxi line.
  1. Be smart about what's in your TSA-approved clear zip-top bag. Make sure you leave room in this bag for touch-up tools. Makeup wipes to clean up stray mascara that's fallen under your eyes, concealer for brightening dark circles, and mascara for waking up your look are all non-negotiables. Your eyes are the biggest game changer in whether or not your makeup looks tidy. Keep your eyes looking done, and you'll stay fresh-faced.
  2. Choose the right tote. Invest in a durable, large, and stylish leather tote with lots of pockets. It will help you stay organized and looking neat. Forgo carrying sloppy-looking nylon duffle bags or backpacks on board with you. They just look messy. If you need help picking on out, we've got you covered. Check out the must-have here.
  3. Let layers do the heavy lifting. Layers like a colorful scarf or crisp blazer can be you style saviour. Did your under layers get a little disheveled in flight? No worries, wrap a pretty scarf around your neck to distract from a wrinkled blouse. Want to look instantly more dressy? Throw on a tailored blazer, it always does the trick and won't take up too much space in your carry on.