“Farmer Wants A Wife”: Hunter And Meghan’s Happily Ever After

“I told my producer ...I don’t know if she likes me, but if she does like me, that’s game, set, match.”

Farmer Wants A Wife Meghan and Hunter


The season finale for FOX’s hit new dating show Farmer Wants A Wife aired Wednesday night and so now we know just which ladies won the hearts of Allen, Landon, Hunter, and Ryan. If you haven’t watched yet, the spoilers start now!

In the final episode we jump right to the heart of the matter. The show jumps right to the four men as they come face to face with their final two women. First, Farmer Allen told Rebecca that he thought they had formed a wonderful friendship but not a romance. He then told Khelsi that she was the one for him. 

For Landon, it was a decision between the two Ashleys, but in the end, Ashley L. was the last lady standing. 

In North Carolina, Ryan took a chance on the one woman he originally sent home for being “too emotional.” He realized he made a mistake and went to find her in New York during the previous episode, but he wasn’t sure if she would return to the farm. She did and Ryan apologized and declared “I like you a lot.” But Haley said she wasn’t quite ready to jump back into a relationship with him. Ultimately Ryan said that while he didn’t get the ending he’d hoped for, he’s learned to be more open.

When it was Hunter’s turn, well couldn’t we all see the sparks flying between Hunter and Meghan from day one? 

We here at Southern Living were thrilled to get to speak to Meghan and Hunter about their happily ever after just before the news became public. For Hunter, he knew right away. “I told my producer after our one-on-one speed date, I said I don’t know if she likes me …But if she does like me, that’s game, set, match. It’s over and done with. Everybody else was fighting for second place,” he said with a hearty laugh. 

For Meghan, while she felt a spark with Hunter initially, it took her a little longer to warm up to the process and to be sure. “I’m a very reserved person. I’m kinda quiet…I lived completely by myself and then you threw me into a house, a one bedroom place with five girls in bunk beds right beside you. And you wanna be friends with these girls, but you’re also all dating the same man. So I think I went in and I was the farm girl there and the other girls had more city girl style. And at first I thought, I’m the only farm girl here. Maybe he really did want a city girl. So it just kinda scared me a little bit,” she said. But Meghan also said she grew from this experience. “I’ve learned through the process is, it’s okay to be yourself and you don’t need to change for anybody else because obviously he liked who I was and that’s the advice I would give to anybody. Just stay who you are.”

Things seemed to be going swimmingly for this couple until real life came crashing down for Meghan. She got a phone call that her grandfather had died and she would be leaving Hunter’s farm to head back home to her family in Tennessee. But it was in that really hard moment where Meghan found clarity.

“I think that’s really what sealed the deal for me because we are on TV, and so I think I always had that little spot in the back of my head like is this real? Are his feelings real for me? But we had a great one on one date with his family. I loved his family. And that connection really started to grow for me. And then I got the call the next morning and I told Hunter and he dropped absolutely everything to be there for me. And that showed for me, even through the hard times, he’s going to be there,” she said. 

Meghan continued, “And so I felt that connection and when they asked me if I wanted to come back I had to to see if he still felt the same way I felt about him. We just went from there.”

“I do like that she’s not afraid to check the reins back on me and call me out on some stuff where I may be out of line. I want somebody that I can grow with and I think that we’ve got something that can definitely push further down those roads,” Hunter said. 

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we had to get the real tea. The couple divulged that filming wrapped in November and they have had to keep their relationship a secret until now. Meghan stayed in Georgia and had Thanksgiving with Hunter’s family before heading back to Midland, Texas, where she was living before filming began. Hunter took a few trips to visit her but as Meghan said, they couldn’t be out and about in public. However, Hunter let it slip that they maybe broke the rules. 

“We were actually on a cruise that we probably weren’t supposed to be on when the first commercial [for the show] came across. We were sitting in a bar on the cruise. And luckily I had a full on beard so I didn’t look quite the same as I did and it came across the screen that we’re sitting in front of, and I’m like well, I guess we’re gonna go back to the cabin now and just chill for a minute,” he said with a laugh. 

The pair managed to grow their relationship despite being a 16-hour drive away from each other. “What made it tough was just the fact that we lived together for two months, saw each other every single day from the time we got up to the time we went to bed. You know all the late nights, sitting out in the pasture and talking, things like that. Then it was almost cold turkey that we couldn’t be that engaged in each others’ lives. And when she was back in Midland she was 16 hours away so yeah we’re a phone call away but there was no physical presence… That was tough. It really was. Because you’re trying to start that new relationship together and build that bond and it’s hard… There’s a lot of distance there.  But we’ve made it work and I think I can say that we’re better now than we’ve truly ever been,” Hunter said. 

After a few months of that long distance, Meghan decided to shorten the void a bit. She moved back to Tennessee where her family is and now the couple are just a five hour drive from one another. Hunter said he can drive to Tennessee for lunch and, “if I make her mad she can send me home and I can be home in time for dinner.” Now that the finale has aired the two lovebirds are looking forward to finally getting to date normally. “I think that’s what I’m looking forward to more than anything. Go on an actual real date where we’re not hiding behind a menu, having to pick some random place in the middle of nowhere. Now the reality can truly set in,” Hunter said. 

Congratulations to all of the happy couples!

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