When you’re looking for an easy festive fall treat, don’t go any further than these adorable Acorn Donut Holes. Donut holes are crowd-pleasers any way you put it, but dunk them in chocolate frosting? Now that’s an enticing concept. For these autumn-inspired treats, use your favorite donut holes—store-bought or Krispy Kreme—and try not to eat them all before livening them up for the season! With chocolate frosting, fall-hued sprinkles, and pretzel sticks, you’re going to win over the hearts of the donut lovers in your life. We suggest making these for your kids’ Thanksgiving school parties, for your family coming into town for the Thanksgiving feast, or for any crisp autumn weekend! Fall is a time when holiday festivities kick into high gear, so it’s best to keep quick tricks up your sleeve for any occasion that comes your way. These acorn donut holes are just too easy to make, but they are even easier to devour!

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