Erin Napier Asks For Prayers For Her Christmas Tree Amidst Daughter Mae’s Fascination

The 17-month-old is a big fan of the newest addition to the home.

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Ben and Erin Napier are doing all they can to protect their Christmas tree from their curious 17-month-old daughter, Mae.

Erin recently shared a photo of the family’s precarious tree-toddler situation via an Instagram story. The photo—set to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger"—shows little Mae gazing longingly at the beautifully decorated Christmas tree from behind a makeshift barrier comprised of a pet gate and two dining chairs. 

"Y'all pray for this tree," Erin wrote.

Erin Napier

Erin Napier/Instagram

The Home Town couple, who also share four-year-old daughter Helen, told People that the two girls are “finally playing together,” though it’s not always pretty.

"But they're also finally jealous. If one of them gets in Mama's lap, then the other one is close behind, and there's a fight fixing to happen," Ben said.

"And if I try to put them both in my lap, they just pull each other's hair," Erin added. "So it's a struggle right now, honestly."

Peace doesn’t come until bath time. The HGTV couple told People that Helen has taken on the responsibility of getting Mae ready and into the tub before it’s her turn for a bath. 

"Mae feels like she's at the beauty shop, I guess. It's really sweet," said Erin. "And then I supervise. I watch them and just tried not to cry, because Helen doesn't understand what's so sweet and so special about this."

Fingers crossed for the tree, but boy are they cute!

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