When you think 'ladies luncheon', your mind likely goes to a table setting of crisp white linens, polished silver, and bountiful tea sandwiches. You're likely reminded of your grandmother's generation – a group of women sitting around gossiping over petit fours and dainty tea sandwiches. But, we'd like to argue that there are few things more Southern than celebrating a fantastic meal with the people you hold most dear. Southerners love to entertain, so hosting guests for lunch is just another Sunday afternoon for us. But, planning a menu can be difficult if you're trying to coordinate bake and chill times. When you're also considering that a ladies luncheon is often held during the day – you should try ruling out hard liquor so that all of your guests can finish their upcoming to-do lists (which, we all have!). To simplify your luncheon menu, we'd recommend checking out these simple tips and tricks. By strategizing before your event, you'll have much less to worry about!

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