Hint: it’s the magic combination of easy, delicious, and long-lasting.

Recipe: Montgomery Punch

Julia found this recipe in a cookbook by the Junior League of Montgomery, Alabama, where the punch is a town staple.

Photo: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Punch holds an iconic place in entertaining and dining culture. According to history, it all started with British sailors who, in the 1600s would concoct a punch cocktail from local ingredients while they were thousands and thousands of miles from home... and from their favorite beers. It’s come a long way from slap-dash sea-faring inventions, and waxed and waned in its public popularity polls. But regardless of what’s in vogue, punch bowls and ladles have always had a place in our (and our mama’s!) deep kitchen cabinets. There’s a reason too. Punch is a resource-efficient, low stress, and not to forget, delicious, way to feed (er, quench the thirst of?) the masses. Why we’ll be pulling out our best punch bowls for our next get-together:

Now, get to mixing!