Can you spot all 3,000 eggs?


"The reason I go all out is 'cause I love it. I love the joy that it brings to my family...I just love to see other people happy."

Although we're used to breaking out a few spring decor items around April, we've never seen Easter decorations like the ones filling this beautiful Texas home before. Interior designer Jennifer Houghton of Turtle Creek Lane decorates her Dallas home for every holiday – even ones that don't get as much decor attention as Halloween or Christmas – with her five kids in mind.

"I love everything about decorating. I never do the same thing twice. As I'm doing my decorations, I usually, honestly, have my kids in mind, but I just love that I can share what I love to do with my family and with my friends."

And, although Jennifer goes all out in her home at the holidays, she encourages others to express their holiday cheer and celebrations in a way that fits their lifestyle. "I have five kids, and so I have to be realistic about you know, what we do, but I kept
fairly inexpensive because I do want my kids to feel like they can eat in the dining room." There are also budget-friendly items that Jennifer incorporates into her decor. "You don't have to spend a ton of money to decorate. You can buy little plastic eggs, and do the cutest things with plastic eggs, with jelly beans, things that are inexpensive."

One of the highlights of Jennifer's Easter decorations is a DIY vase in the center of her kitchen made with Easter candy and colorful flowers. "It's two vases, so it's a larger vase and then a smaller vase inside. And so, obviously, your water and the flowers go into the smaller vase, but there's about an inch difference between the smaller and the larger, and that's where we're able to pop in all of our candy."

Above all, Jennifer's goal at Turtle Creek Lane is creating a happy, fun environment for her family. "I truly believe in making our homes a place where there's joy, and where people want to be. Think about the people that you love most, and make it an environment for them, that they want to be at home."