From Peeps and PEZ to elaborate sugar eggs with Easter scenes inside, we all have fond memories of our spring deliveries from the Bunny.

By Valerie Fraser Luesse
March 02, 2018
From Peeps and PEZ to elaborate sugar eggs with Easter scenes inside, we all have fond memories of our spring deliveries from the Bunny.
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I can remember trying my best to figure out how big a rabbit would have to be to carry all of those baskets. And unlike Santa, the Easter Bunny had no vehicle. Somehow, he always came through, thank goodness.

As Easter 2018 approaches, some of us are feeling nostalgic for those Easter Sundays of our childhood, when we would awake to find baskets lined with plastic grass and brimming with so much candy that we hardly had time to even find it all, let alone eat it, before church. (Aside: The beauty of plastic grass in an Easter basket is that smaller candy would slip down in there. Kids could unearth treats for days!)

But it wasn't all about the candy, as one reader points out: "What made those Easter baskets special was the pretty colored, crinkly cellophane tied up around the basket with a big beautiful bow on top!"

Yep. Style is important, and rabbits understand that.

If you're looking for Easter basket ideas—even Easter basket ideas for a teenager—take a little journey down memory lane with our Facebook Brain Trust as we all share what we remember best. And let us know what we missed!

Our Baskets Were Egg-ceptional

There was just no end to the eggs in our baskets: Cadbury Creme Eggs, PAAS-dyed boiled eggs, malted milk eggs, marshmallow eggs in bright, sugary colors, plastic eggs filled with jelly beans, divinity eggs covered with pecans, Reese's peanut butter eggs covered with chocolate, egg-like chocolate footballs, elaborately decorated sugar eggs with Easter scenes inside . . .

Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere

We can all imagine our Mamas practicing their speech about the true meaning of Easter, even as they filled those baskets to overflowing. Our Facebook crew has especially fond memories of some treats in particular: chocolate bunnies (preferably solid); Peeps; Hershey's kisses wrapped in pastel foil; that chewy candy shaped like orange slices that was coated with (what else) sugar; marshmallows shaped like oversized peanuts; Easter-themed PEZ; fruity powder in plastic containers that were shaped like the fruit itself (raspberry, orange, etc.); Whoppers, Red Hots, and BB Bats; Chewy SweeTarts, M&M packets, Chick O Stick Nuggets, and candy necklaces; Charms Blow Pops, Tootsie Pops, and Dum Dum Pops.

Non-Edible Fun

Mama'n'em couldn't resist tucking a few little presents into our Easter baskets. They expanded our minds and encouraged creativity with Little Golden Books, Big Books, coloring books, and paper dolls.

We got stuffed rabbits, ducks, and chickens (or maybe live ones). There were pom-pom chicks with wire feet, as well as plastic chicks that could lay tiny eggs when you pressed down on them. Also rabbit ear headbands.

We'd dig through that basket grass and find mini yo-yos, Slinkys, and Silly Putty. One Facebook friend said she always got a new toothbrush in her Easter basket (an antidote to all the sugar, no doubt), while another said her Mama thought it was a hoot to put some L'eggs pantyhose in there.

But when it comes to outstanding Easter basket loot, you can't top footwear: "One year the Easter Bunny brought me 3 pairs of sandals, all the same kind but in red, navy, and white," wrote one Facebooker. "Man, I loved those sandals!"

Whether sandals or suckers are your heart's desire, we hope The Rabbit delivers for you this Easter.

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