We crave these sweets at Eastertime.

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Peanut Butter Egg Ingredients
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Peanut butter eggs are a staple on Southern churches' dessert buffets around Eastertime—have you ever had one? If you haven't, we'll describe them for you. They're dense, peanut-buttery confections dipped in chocolate and decorated for the season. They're oh-so sweet and even more addictive than store-bought peanut butter cups (so it's a good thing they only show up once a year). If you are already acquainted with these chocolaty candies, you know: They are such a treat.

Just one bite of a peanut butter egg brings with it a wave of nostalgia. They're a tradition that has lasted for decades, in no small part due to their ubiquity at Southern church suppers at and around Easter. That's why Southern churches make the best peanut butter eggs—they've had plenty of practice. We grew up nibbling these chocolate treats, and one taste takes us straight back to the Easter seasons and egg hunts of our childhood. Does it do the same for you?

If you want to make a batch for yourself this season, check out this easy Peanut Butter Easter Eggs recipe shared by Valerie Cain Cuff at Allrecipes. Cuff describes her memories of the recipe and writes, "My Mom made these chocolate-dipped peanut butter eggs for many years. She would put our names on them in frosting and decorate with bunnies and flowers. They bring back wonderful memories."

This particular recipe requires only six ingredients, and the result is decadent and delicious. Confectioners' sugar, peanut butter, milk, butter, semi-sweet chocolate, and shortening combine into these Southern-favorite candies—candies we'll choose over the plastic eggs any day.

You can find more delicious takes on the classic peanut butter egg recipe in church cookbooks everywhere, as well as from Taste of Home, The Recipe Critic, and Genius Kitchen.

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Will you be making peanut butter eggs this year? Did you grow up eating them? What's your favorite recipe for these decadent candies?