The countdown to sunsuit season is on.

Little English Banks Bubble
Credit: Little English

Winter, we've just about had it with you. Our Southern babies have been bundled from head to toe for months. They've outgrown their seasonal stock of longalls and puppy-dog patterned turtlenecks and we refuse to purchase even one more piece of corduroy. Consequently, our little peanuts have been wearing sweats and long-sleeve bodysuits for weeks instead of trotting around town in jon jons and bubbles that show off their sweet little gams. What's getting us through is the promise that warmer weather is on the horizon. After we spring forward this weekend, we'll officially be kicking off the countdown to one of the South's favorite holidays, Easter, and with it, the arrival of beloved sunsuit season.

Before we make you shudder, sunsuit season should not be confused with swimsuit season (we certainly wouldn't call it beloved, plus you still have an additional 6 weeks for that). We're talking sunsuits for the two-and-under crowd, and we've got one little number that is absolutely bound to make you squeal. The newly released Banks Bubble from Kentucky-based Little English is a bunny-shaped suit complete with stuffed tail and seersucker ears. It comes in pink and a light blue that will look just as darling on little girls as it does on little boys—particularly when paired with a matching blue bow. The seersucker straps crisscross in the back and are fastened with two little buttons, providing that old-fashioned charm we love.

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Let us set the scene for you: He'll be tottering around the yard with those white sandals Southern babes have trademarked (you know the ones) with a mischievous little smile on his face and perhaps even a brand new stuffed Easter bunny in tow that's already showing signs of wear after being pulled around by one floppy ear all morning. Yep, we'll take one blue Banks Bubble size 12 months—and maybe another in pink, just in case.