Baa baa, black sheep! These darling Easter cupcakes are sure to make quite the stir among your spring party guests. Plus, they're a great project for kids to help with. Made with pre-made chocolate cupcakes and vanilla frosting as the base, these Easter cupcakes are decorated with plenty of fluffy mini marshmallows. Attach the marshmallows to the top of the cupcake using frosting, and then remove the cupcake wrapper to attach a few more marshmallows around the sides of the sheep with some melted white chocolate. The melted chocolate will help the marshmallows stay more firmly in place once it has hardened. If you don't have any white chocolate on hand, feel free to use a thick vanilla frosting or royal icing around the edges of your Easter Sheep Cupcakes to hold the extra marshmallows.

These sheep faces are made with Black & White Milano Cookies, frosting, mini chocolate chips, and candy eyes. If you're using the brown chocolate side of the cookie, use frosting or white chocolate to make two small white dots for a nose on your sheep. If you're using the vanilla side of the cookie, attach two mini chocolate chips to the bottom part of the sheep's face. We used black gel icing to attach the eyes and noses of the sheep, but the white chocolate and vanilla frosting will also work. Once you've covered your cupcake completely in marshmallows, spread some extra frosting on the back of the prepared sheep's face and prop it up onto the side of the dessert. Finish off your cute sheep with mini marshmallow ears. We cut a mini marshmallow in half, and used some white chocolate to attach to the top of the face. And there you have it – fluffy, sweet sheep that celebrate the season. These Easter Sheep Cupcakes are a fun party dessert recipe, and kids will love bringing them into the classroom for a party with their peers.

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