Dying, or decorating, an Easter egg is an age-old tradition and is most likely the center of many childhood Easter memories. Dying eggs can be used for the annual Easter egg hunt, to jazz up the Easter centerpiece, or just to have around the house as a part of the Easter décor throughout the season. If you like to keep Easter decorations up for awhile and don't want to deal with smelly, rotten eggs, try wrapping plastic eggs with colorful string. Don't have time to run out to the store to buy dye? Bring out the box of nail polish and use one color (or a few) to try an alternative way to dye Easter eggs. And if none of these fancy ways to decorate the eggs appeases you, stick to this classic way to dye eggs this year. Our friends at Real Simple are showing us the most foolproof way to get perfectly dyed eggs to brighten up Easter Sunday.

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