Spring into the Easter season with these encouraging words.

Easter Poems
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Easter is a joyous holiday marked by a season of renewal, colorful Easter eggs, and divine desserts. Besides the annual Easter egg hunt and obligatory spring family photoshoot, Easter is a time to reconnect with family members and rejoice in this new season of hope. We’ve gathered inspirational Easter poems that celebrate this cheerful season. When your family is all gathered around the table, slice into a delicious Hummingbird Cake and share these encouraging Easter poems.

Short Easter Poems

 “Now when I think of Easter,

I don’t think of material things.

I use it as a reminder

Of the joy it brings.”—Michael A Burke SR

“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.” –Katie McGahan

“Happy Easter..

May the renewal of life

At Easter bring new

Blessings of love, hope,

Peace, good health &

Happiness to you and

Your loved ones..

Embrace the renewal of life.” –Babz

“Easter morning bright and fair

Tells me of God’s loving care.

Flowers that were gone from view,

Now awakening, bloom anew.

Though God’s face I do not see,

I will trust His care for me.” –Jennifer Hayden

“I think of the garden after the rain;

And hope to my heart comes singing,

At morn the cherry-blooms will be white,

And the Easter bells be ringing!” –Edna Dean Proctor

Church Easter Poems

Easter Poems For Church

“His love

God sent His Son to take the punishment

For all the thoughtless, sinful things we do;

Jesus gave his life because He loves us;

His love is boundless, sweet, forever true.

On Easter morn He showed He is our Savior;

His resurrection proves He is our Lord.

That is why we tell you,

“Happy Easter!”

He secured our heavenly reward!” –Joanna Fuchs

“May your Easter be happy,

May your day be bright,

May you enjoy the treats,

And sweet delights.

But remember the meaning,

Remember God’s gift,

Remember the resurrection,

May your soul uplift.” –Bill Hoeneveld

“May the glad dawn

Of Easter morn

Bring joy to thee.

May the calm eve

Of Easter leave

A peace divine with thee.

May Easter night

On thine heart write,

O Christ, I live for thee!” –Anonymous

“Easter lilies! Can you hear

What they whisper, low and clear?

In dewy fragrance they unfold

Their splendor sweet, their snow and gold.

Every beauty-breathing bell

News of heaven has to tell.

Listen to their mystic voice.

Hear, oh mortal, and rejoice!

Hark, their soft and heavenly chime!

Christ is risen for all time!” –Cela Thaxter

“On Easter Day the lilies bloom,

Triumphant, risen from their tomb;

Their bulbs have undergone rebirth,

Born from the silence of the earth

Symbolically, to tell all men

That Christ, the Saviour, lives again.

The angels, pure and white as they,

Have come and rolled the stone away

And with the lifting of the stone,

The shadow of the cross is gone!” –June Masters Bacher

Kids Easter

Easter Poems For Kids

“I’m an Easter Bunny, watch me hop. (hop around)

Here are my two eats, see how they flop. (hold hands at sides of head and flop them)

Here is my cotton tail, here is my nose, (wiggle hips, then point to nose.)

I’m all furry from my head to my toes. (point to head, then to toes)” –Susan M. Paprocki

“With a hip and a hop—

Easter bunny won’t you stop,

At my house to hide some yummy little eggs.

Then you’ll jump out and run –

Down the street for some fun,

Zippity quick on your fuzzy, furry legs.

To hide treats for the others –

Boys and girls –even mothers,

Treats galore packed in baskets and bright bags!” –Leanne Guenther

“Christ the Lord is risen to-day!

Angels rolled the stone away

From the tomb wherein He lay!

Little children, come and sing,

“Glory, glory to the King,

Christ the Lord of everything!” –Evaleen Stein

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“Easter eggs,

Yellow and blue.

Easter eggs,

For me and you

Easter eggs,

Candy sweet.

Easter eggs

Are good to eat.

Easter eggs,

Pretty and funny.

But…where oh where

Is the Easter bunny?” –Anonymous

“Easter bunny soft and white

Hopping quickly out of sight,

Thank you for the eggs you bring

At Easter time to welcome spring.

Yellow eggs and blue and red

In the grass and flower bed

We will hunt them everywhere

Is it really you who put them there?” –Anonymous

“You are Eggstra special!

Bunnies, eggs & jellybeans,

That’s not all that Easter means.

There is another message too..

Jesus died for me and you!” –Anonymous