Hint: This isn't your classic wicker or willow!

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
Umbrella Easter Basket Idea
Credit: PrimalDish

Easter sits pretty on the Southern holiday scale with its perfect mix of formal traditions, family-fun activities, and heavenly horde of sweet treats. Waking up to a basket full of goodies kicks off the holy day for Southern children with just a touch of excitement; and while hand-woven baskets filled with homemade chocolates and novelty knickknacks have been no stranger in Southern households over the decades, we're seeing a playful selection of Easter basket ideas pop up on our radar that allow customization and creativity to bloom.

Since we're celebrating Easter Sunday on the very first day of April this year, nothing seems more fitting than this unique Easter basket fad that takes a practical gift and turns it into a vessel for the Easter Bunny's wares. Umbrella baskets are trending right now, and we're thinking they make an appropriate alternative to your classic wicker—April showers bring May flowers, after all?

Umbrella Easter Basket Idea Lineup
Credit: PrimalDish

Pick a child-sized umbrella that fits your little one's personality, sprinkle in some colorful Easter grass, and pack it full of delicious treats and fun baubles. The basket ends up looking adorably eye-catching, especially when you have a few kiddos' umbrella baskets lined up together. These baskets can follow a theme—we've seen plenty of Moana and Frozen inspired creations—or a springtime color scheme. You can choose classically monogrammed or embroidered umbrellas for the base, giving a reusable gift that's also personalized. Possibilities are plentiful, making this Easter basket trend perfect for all ages. Check out a helpful tutorial from PrimalDish here.

We've seen our fair share of creative Easter basket ideas whilst preparing for the holiday this year, from colorful beach buckets for the toddlers to charming window boxes for the adults; but we think these umbrella baskets might just stand out from the crowd by ringing in the month of April in style—and hopefully welcoming fresh spring weather with only a few spring showers!

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When it comes to celebrating Easter, pairing our longheld traditions with newfound accents seems like just the way to switch things up. Which trending Easter fad is calling your name?