You won't want to stop sipping on this refreshing Sparkling Cherry Limeade. This drink recipe is perfect for kicking off the summer with its bright, citrus flavors and vibrant color. Although the recipe itself is non-alcoholic, you can add in a shot of tequila and a splash of orange liqueur or Triple Sec for an adult margarita-inspired cocktail. The recipe for Sparkling Cherry Limeade makes about eight cups, so it's great as a batch recipe for your potluck or family reunion. We'd also recommend carrying a jug of the pre-made Sparkling Cherry Limeade to your tailgate in the fall for a delicious sipper that no one will want to turn down.

To make this fun drink, you'll first need to gather some ingredients. You'll need fresh lime to juice, zest, and garnish. Using fresh lime makes all the difference in this recipe – the fresh, tart flavor comes across when paired with the cherry juice. Next, you'll need some margarita salt for giving your glasses a pretty rim. To make the cocktail, stir together a can of thawed limeade concentrate and around 3 1/2 cups cold water. Add in the maraschino cherries' liquid – this gives your drink the classic, bright color. Pour this mixture into your rimmed glasses, and then top off with sparkling water. If you're mixing up an adult cocktail – now's the time to add in your tequila and orange liqueur. Garnish your glasses with maraschino cherries and a lime wedge. Cheers, y'all!

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