The holidays are here, and we all know what that means! It’s time for adorably festive beverages. This Cranberry-Orange Mocktail with Sparkling Cranberries is the perfect non-alcoholic drink to serve at your next dinner party, family reunion, or Christmas celebration. The cheerful orange and red colors make this beverage the ideal choice for your holiday social; it’s almost too pretty to drink! The sparkling cranberry garnish that tops off this Christmas delight is sure to turn the heads of your party gusts. It’s delicious, refreshing, and super easy to make.

To create the sparkling cranberries, begin by cooking one cup of maple syrup on medium heat before adding in two cups of fresh cranberries. Chill the mixture for 8 hours, and then drain the syrup out of the cranberries. Next, simply coat the berries in sugar for added sweetness. Now for the best part: muddle some orange rinds, one tablespoon of fresh cranberries, and one teaspoon of sugar into the bottom of your shaker. Add in one cup of ice and ¼ cup of fresh orange juice. Be sure to shake the mixture well.  Top off the cocktail with some sparkling water for a little fizz, if desired. Just like that you’ll be ready to serve up this year’s hottest holiday beverage!

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