Cheers to a classic Champagne cocktail with a Southern twist. The Tennessee Tickler is sure to be your new favorite summertime beverage. Join our friend, Trace Barnett, The Bitter Socialite, as he explains the process of creating this boozy concoction. It’s so very easy! All you'll need is champagne, Tennessee honey whiskey, and a citrus twist to top it off. If you've got some Angostura Bitters on hand, a dash adds a little more depth of flavor to the cocktail, as well. The honey-infused Tennessee whiskey is the secret to nailing this recipe. Sweet honey provides this refreshing sipper with a rich, irresistible flavor. Serve the Tennessee Tickler at any poolside party, bridal shower, or birthday celebration, and give friends and family a little pep in their step. Sipping this cocktail is a lot like going for a scenic drive on a Southern summer day – it’s both warming and refreshing! The bubbly champagne beautifully balances the strong Tennessee Whiskey. To garnish the cocktail, add a lemon or orange twist to your Champagne glass. Cheers, y'all!

Tennessee Tickler


2 ounces Tennessee Honey Whiskey


Dash Angostura Bitters

Orange Twist


1. Pour whiskey into a Champagne flute and add a dash of bitters. Fill the remainder of the flute with champagne and top with an orange twist.

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