This tipsy ‘nog rings in the holiday season on a warm, indulgent note. While eggnog doesn’t have to be boozy, we like to think it adds a bit of Southern flair when our beloved whiskey gets thrown in the mix. And, we’d like to note, spiked eggnog is much more than a deliciously thick and frothy concoction of Irish cream, eggs, milk, your booze of choice, and nutmeg. Before it was a classic holiday party drink, eggnog was originally made as a clever way to preserve raw eggs and dairy in a pinch. So along with being a fun-wielding kick, the liquor would kill any harmful bacteria. Why cream and milk, you might ask? Be warned. Using just one or the other gives you either a runny or overly thick (read: tar-like, practically chewable) disaster. The fresh nutmeg speckles on top act as more than a pretty presentation, with the warm spice rounding out the rich creaminess and punch of hooch. ‘Tis the season for spiked eggnog y’all, so make sure to whip up enough to go around!

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