Whether in a cobbler or a cocktail, the sweet, juicy flavor of peaches can’t be beat. Giving the perfect Southern flair, this refreshing Peach Chiller will cool you off year-round, and with only a few ingredients, you’ll have it in your chilled glass in no time. This recipe is easy as pie and tastes as good too—frozen peaches, sugar, peach schnapps, and vodka come together in a blender until icy and smooth. Although the recipe is best when made with frozen peaches from a farmers' market haul, you can easily pick up a bag of frozen peaches at your local grocery to simplify the process. The peach schnapps really helps bring out the signature peach flavor, and we make sure to always garnish with fresh mint as it complements the fruity notes so well. So, let this delicious frozen cocktail get you through the steamy summer and beyond. A great tip to go along with any frozen beverage like this: pop the glasses in the freezer to get them ready to keep the slush cold and icy the whole time you’re enjoying it.

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