Recipe: Tequila Mojitos

Glasses up, y'all! We're ready to kick off a warm summer with a glass of these fresh, tangy Tequila Mojitos in hand. This twist on the Cuban-inspired mojito adds lemon-lime soda and a large splash of tequila to the recipe. This batch cocktail is perfect for company, as the simple syrup can be prepared the night before your hosting event and then whipped up quickly when you're ready to serve. Plus, letting the mint simple syrup sit overnight brings a depth of flavor to the cocktails that you won't get from a regular mojito. Our readers had one unanimous comment on the recipe – be sure to double the batch! If you'd like for your cocktails to be less potent (or, if you're serving at a ladies luncheon in the middle of the day!), add additional lemon-lime soda to taste. Mix up the mint simple syrup, the soda, fresh lime juice, and the tequila in a large pitcher, and serve up your Tequila Mojitos with plenty of ice. A fresh mint sprig provides a pop of color as a pretty garnish on your cocktails.

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