There's nothing we'd like more than to do some porch sittin' with our girlfriends and sip on a batch of these fresh, fruity cocktails. Made with sweet, juicy watermelon fresh from the farmers' market, these Honeysuckle-Watermelon Cocktails will surely please guests at your wedding shower, ladies luncheon, or alfresco dinner. This cocktail recipes yields around 8 cups, so it's great for serving to company. The first thing that you'll need for your Honeysuckle-Watermelon Cocktails is around eight cups of fresh watermelon. This equals out to be around a 6-lb. melon. The sweeter the watermelon, the better – and you'll find that this correlates with the peak of watermelon season in the summer. Start by processing the melon in a blender until you've got a smooth texture. Then, pour the melon puree through a strainer to separate the juices from the solids. Then, add in your Honeysuckle vodka. We tested this recipe with Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka, but most Southern liquor stores have a variation on honeysuckle vodka that will work well. If you can't find this flavor, the recipe can be modified with regular vodka or light rum. Stir in the fresh lime juice and sugar after the vodka, and top the cocktail with the lemon-lime soda. Serve up your Honeysuckle-Watermelon Cocktails with plenty of ice, or blend the ice with the mixture to create a frozen, slush-like beverage. The stunning color always makes a statement on the drink table, and they're just as fun to sip on. Here's toasting the season!

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