It wouldn't be New Year's Eve without a glass of Champagne ready to toast at midnight. Although a flute of bubbly is a great option on your cocktail tray for guests, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn't share this fun twist on the classic sipper. Cranberry Champagne Pops start with frozen popsicles, which we made with simple syrup and cranberry juice. We layered in fresh and frozen cranberries, and froze the pops until completely solid. When you're ready to serve the drinks, add a pop to each of your Champagne flutes, and pour over your favorite bubbly. Don't worry about pre-chilling your Champagne – the popsicles will keep the drinks cool! This festive recipe gives a little extra sweetness to your drink, as the cranberry mixture melts into the Champagne. Plus, this idea looks oh-so-charming on your drink table or bar. Try out this playful take at your next midnight toast!

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