It’s worth a run to Georgia to sample these spirited little gems.

It’s worth a run to Georgia to sample these spirited little gems.

| Credit: Courtesy Post Meridiem Spirit Co.

“Why can’t I get a good cocktail here?”  Atlanta native Andrew Rodbell was at a concert when he asked himself that question and sparked the idea for Post Meridiem Spirit Co., which aims to put craft cocktails in a can. (Ever wondered what “p.m.”—as in 5 p.m.—stands for? It stands for "post meridiem," or “after midday,” when adult libations tend to appear. Hence the company name.)

Rodbell, who spent many years with The Coca-Cola Company, the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, and Georgia-Pacific, decided to put his marketing and product development expertise to work on his own venture, which he cofounded with entrepreneurial friend Charles Sain.

Their initial product line, launched in spring 2019, includes Real Lime Juice Margarita, Double Old Fashioned, Hemingway Daiquiri, 1944 Mai Tai, and Lemongrass Vodka Gimlet, all of which come in easy-to-ice baby cans that will happily chill in your cooler alongside gameday brews. (Aside: Southern Living editors did an informal taste test, and y’all—these diminutive sippers pack a punch and are pretty darn good.)

All Post Meridiem cocktails are made with imported liqueurs, distilled spirits, real citrus juices—in short, quality ingredients that consumers can easily identify and taste, making bar-worthy drinks as convenient as beer. Just chill and pop the top (or pour over ice). You’ll be surprised by both the flavor and the kick of these cocktails, ranging from 23.5% alcohol/vol in the 1944 Mai Tai (47 proof) to the 37%/74 proof Double Old Fashioned.

Because of the alcohol content, Post Meridiem canned cocktails are sold only through licensed liquor retailers. Right now, they’re available solely in Georgia, where some 50 locations, mostly in the Atlanta area, carry them. While you can’t tour the blend house, you can pop into the lobby and purchase up to 22 cans at a discount (Post Meridiem Spirit Co, 1303 Logan Circle NW, Atlanta; 12:01 p.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment).

The company is considering expansion into neighboring Southern states. Until then, check out their website for a list of retailers before your next trip to Atlanta.

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