Southerners revere bourbon for the time, process, and skill it takes to make this silky-smooth whiskey. We celebrate our makers around the South – especially those in our beloved Kentucky – for the exceptional sippers that take our cocktails and entertaining spreads to the next level. Although the South has several incredible bourbons that need no extra add-ins, this Apple-Pie Infused Bourbon is a great way to spice up a cheaper bottle. It's sweet, spicy, and the perfect liquor to inspire all of your fall decorating. If you're planning to host a crowd, this is a fun and unique way to jazz up your cocktail cart – and the recipe is fairly simple to pull together. Layers of cinnamon, nutmeg, and Golden Delicious apples infuse the bourbon over four days in a glass jar. Once you've shaken the ingredients, the bourbon goes through a strainer to make sure it's clear and smooth. Add in some simple syrup to add a little sweetness to your "pie," and you've got a ready-to-pour bourbon that tastes exceptional over ice.

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