Have you ever imagined enjoying your favorite cocktail as a pretty side dish? Meet the salad that'll complete your spring dinner menus. If you're a fan of the flavor and are looking for a fresh new dish to add to your repertoire, try out this tangy Bloody Mary Green Bean Salad. We turned this festive cocktail into a crisp salad recipe inspired by classic Bloody Mary garnishes – like celery and green beans. Dress your Bloody Mary Green Bean Salad in a zesty vinaigrette made with your favorite Bloody Mary mix. One of the great things about this recipe is that all the veggies make it a healthful option on the table. It's also friendly for gluten-free guests, and gives your dinner menu lots of bright color. Enjoy this recipe at the peak of produce season for the crunchiest, freshest taste.

Start off your Bloody Mary Green Bean Salad with a pound of haricots verts. These are French-cut green beans. Regular green beans will also work, if you've got some leftovers from the farmers' market. Be sure to trim and string your green beans, and snap off the tops. As the base of the recipe, you'll want to cook your green beans for around two minutes in boiling, salted water. This will make your salad a little easier to eat. Once you've boiled, put your beans into a bath of ice water to halt the cooking process. Add in your beans, chopped red onion, and pickled okra into a large bowl. We also love a garnish of pickled okra on our Bloody Marys – so we wanted to be sure to add that in. In a separate bowl, add your tomatoes, celery, and celery leaves.

Next, you'll want to whip up your vinaigrette. Using your favorite Bloody Mary mix, add in horseradish, hot sauce, lemon juice, and dry mustard for a kick of flavor. Season with salt and pepper as desired. Toss all your veggies in the vinagrette, and then serve up your Bloody Mary Green Bean Salad on a large tray. Try it out – you'll see why this side dish is one of our top-rated recipes.

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