Forget leftovers – this creamy, savory cheese dip recipe will be a smash hit at your next party. Southerners know how to entertain, and one of the keys to having happy guests is to have plenty of easy appetizers on hand. Dips, both hot and cold, are a great option for busy hostesses for their generally low prep and cook time. For this Bacon-Cheese Dip, you won't even need to heat up your kitchen by turning on the oven. This chilled cheese dip takes about 20 minutes to prep and 2 hours to harden in the fridge. This dip takes its flavors from both blue cheese and cream cheese, with an extra kick of heat coming from the addition of a little hot sauce. A star of this recipe is the fresh parsley. Although used as a garnish, the parsley gives the dip some color and provides a lighter flavor to the richness of the cheese. And, of course, we can't forget the bacon! This crowd-pleasing ingredient brings just the right amount of salt to the dip.

The preparation for Bacon-Cheese Dip couldn't be simpler. To begin, add sour cream, crumbled blue cheese, softened cream cheese, diced onion, and hot sauce to a food processor. Blend these ingredients together until you have a smooth mixture, being sure to scrape down the sides to get out any clumps. Then, stir in two crumbled slices of bacon. Let the dip sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours, and then pull out about 15 minutes before serving. Top the creamy appetizer with the remaining bacon, plenty of fresh parsley, and a few extra blue cheese crumbles. Serve up the dip at your next tailgate, dinner party, or potluck with a variety of crackers for guests to choose from. Trust us – you'll be asked for the recipe!

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