The sweet potato is definitely a Southern staple, and the holidays simply aren’t complete without a scrumptious sweet potato casserole sitting on the dining room table. Join Kathy G., an Alabama icon in the world of event planning and catering, as she creates a mouthwatering sweet potato casserole complete with a delectable brown sugar-and-pecan praline topping. The cookbook author begins by baking the sweet potatoes rather than boiling them, which prepares the vegetable for easy blending. After the sweet potatoes are perfectly smooth in a stand mixer, Kathy adds in sugar, milk, beaten eggs, and melted butter. These ingredients make the casserole refreshingly light and fluffy. Preparing the sweet potato casserole is a great way to get in the fall spirit; complete with cinnamon and freshly graded nutmeg, this dish is sure to fill your home with some of the best autumn scents. Combine vanilla, butter, pecans, and brown sugar to create an unmistakable praline topping that flawlessly finishes off this cheerful dish.

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