Dolly Parton and Dionne Warwick Dish About Working Together On A New Rendition of “Peace Like a River”

The two legends team up for the first time to give us a gospel duet.

Dionne Warwick and Dolly Parton


Two music legends have joined forces for a new song and we could not be more excited. Dolly Parton and Dionne Warwick are teaming up to make the world a little brighter with a new rendition of the gospel-influenced tune called “Peace Like a River”.

The extremely dynamic duo stopped by Good Morning America to share a little bit about how their forthcoming collaboration came to be. “I love Dionne and I’ve loved her for years,” Parton told Good Morning America host Robin Roberts. “She’s always been one of my heroes in music because she’s a true stylist and I love people that are different. I’ve just always wished that I had some reason to get to sing with her and had the perfect song to do it.”

The song in question was “Peace Like a River”, which was written by the country icon back in the 1980s. “It was during a time when I was feeling like I needed to be lifted up more,” Parton explained on the show.  “I just started thinking I just need to relax. I just need to feel peace, feel peace like a river, so I always go to that source when I need it.” When she and Warwick decided to team up, she knew that song would be perfect for them. 

Warwick added of the song, “It’s special because it’s a song of inspiration. … It’s the kind of song I think everybody needs to feel.” The effort was a true family affair, too. Not only did Parton write the song, but Warwick's son and manager Damon Elliott produced it.

The duet was first teased back in January. Now, “Peace Like a River” and its accompanying music video is set for release on February 24.

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