These tricks will make holiday baking so much easier. 

By Brandi Broxson
November 08, 2016
Melinda Josie and Aaron Dyer

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

1. Crust Crimper

Aaron Dyer

No time for fancy fluting? Grab a set of tongs and try this simple, kid-friendly hack: After laying the crust into the pie plate, use the top arm of a set of tongs to gently press a half-crescent design onto the edge. Repeat, overlapping slightly, to create a quick scalloped pattern.

2. Easy Apple Corer

Melinda Josie

Need to prep apples in a flash? Use a melon baller. The tool's sharp edge handily scoops out a core.

3. Crust Protector

Melinda Josie

Banish over-browned edges with a disposable pie tin. Cut out the bottom and place the ring upside down on top of your crust to shield it during baking.