Looking for a warm, homemade apple pie recipe that will impress everyone at your table? Look no further – this decadent, spiked pie is sure to win the night at any fall get-together. The filling, which can be made with any type of cooking apples, also includes bourbon-infused raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, apricot preserves, and chopped, toasted pecans or walnuts. And, it’s no secret that Southerners love their bourbon, but we especially love an opportunity to pair it with our favorite fall fruit: apples. Whether our Apple Cider Bourbon Thyme Punch, Apple Pie-Infused Bourbon, or this scrumptious Apple-Bourbon Pie, it’s the duo that doesn’t quit. Unlike most apple pie recipes, this recipe calls for the apple slices to be steamed in a steamer basket, which makes for a more soft and tender filling. To save time, make the pie with refrigerated pie crusts, but you can use decorative pastry leaves to decorate the top of the pie to make it look perfectly made-by-hand! Most importantly, always remember that no slice of warm, homemade apple pie is complete without creamy, fresh homemade ice cream. So, invite a few friends over to celebrate the season, and break out slices of this rich, flaky pie.

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