Divinity lives among the class of elegant holiday desserts we love to make when we know we’ll be having company over. Traditionally, it’s a classic candy made with granulated sugar, corn syrup, and stiffly beaten eggs whites. But, this ramped-up version incorporates toasted pecans and vanilla to give something special your guests familiar with the delicacy will enjoy—and those who aren’t familiar will definitely love. The texture of this divinity is without rival: fluffy, crunchy, and completely divine. The trick to getting that perfect texture falls into two important steps. First of all, your corn syrup mixture must be removed from heat at exactly the right temperature. Secondly, you have to whip those egg whites into perfect shape. Stop beating when stiff, sturdy peaks form when you pull up the electric mixer or whisk. This recipe yields four dozen, making it easily a go-to for any holiday party or for small-batch gifts. You’ll be thinking you’re in heaven after tasting this divine treat!

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