There's nothing like combatting the heat of a hot Southern summer with a popsicle to keep you cool. Whether you're doling out sweets at the church picnic, handing out pops at the family reunion, or just treating your kiddos to dessert at the pool, these delectable layered pops from our friends at eHow are the perfect way to curb your cravings. These Cookie Dough Ice Pops are super simple to make. The bottom layer of the popsicles is made with milk, vanilla, and sugar. The second layer – the "cookie dough layer" – is made with milk, vanilla, and brown sugar. Freeze the first layer in a popsicle mold for around one hour, top with some mini chocolate chips, and then freeze the brown sugar layer on top. Repeat the layers until your popsicle molds are full. The result is a creamy (and gluten-free!) ice pop that kids of all ages will enjoy munching on.

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