A thick, luxurious buttercream is key to holding together cake layers and yielding a gorgeously stacked dessert. Whether you're a chocolate frosting gal or you like to stick to vanilla, a delicious frosting can be the key to taking your baked goods to the next level. Although many of our classic buttercream recipes use butter, powdered sugar, and milk to create a creamy frosting, this glossy recipe from our friends at Birmingham, Alabama-based Bandit Baking Co. incorporates cooked egg whites. When you whip your egg whites and sugar mixture, the consistency turns into a marshmallowy, sweet meringue that perfectly complements your favorite cake recipe. Swiss meringue buttercream is stiff enough that it can hold your layer cake together, but it's also light enough that your crumb won't be overpowered by overly sweet frosting. Once you've created the base of your meringue buttercream, you can add in your favorite flavor extracts, like vanilla, almond, or lemon. You won't be disappointed with the elegant finish and sweet flavor of this fantastic Swiss meringue buttercream.

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