RECIPE: Royal Icing

There's a lot that goes into making the perfect holiday sugar cookies. First of all, you have to consider the texture that you're after. Are you looking for thinner, crispy cookies? Or, would you rather bite into a thicker, softer cookie? Once you've mastered the perfect bake, the next step is achieving that beautiful holiday decorating on your sugar cookie. Whether you're hoping to make prancing reindeer, jolly little elves, or a few dozen smiling Santas, the key to decorating cookies successfully is, arguably, the icing you use. Royal icing is one of our go-to choices for decorating, and is known for creating clean, pretty lines and minute details. This icing, which is made with meringue powder, hardens smoothly; this ensures that your designs don't bleed together. We turned to one of our favorite Southern cookie decorators, Summer Deepe of Summer's Sweet Shoppe, to share in her technique for creating silky, soft royal icing. The ratios in this recipe are key, as you'll want a thicker icing to outline your baked sugar cookie, and then a thinner royal icing for flooding the cookie. Join Summer as she shares her recipe for the icing that'll take your cookies to the next level this holiday season.

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